TimeLoggerLive is a task time logging application for individuals, freelancers and small companies with no need for complex project management solutions. With emphasis on simplicity, transparency and great support (whenever needed), I am hoping to make this tedious task as pleasant as possible.

TimeLoggerLive Personal v1.0 is released.

TimeLoggerLive Business is currently in development and is expected to be in beta by Thursday, November 1, 2018.

If you are not satisfied wtih the application or we miss the deadline or cancel the project, I will give you your money back. No questions asked. But don't worry, your data will remain accessible to you.


Easy to use

Logging your task now takes 10 seconds. Just enter start and end time and task description and you are done. Time can be logged in 24 hour (HH:mm) or 12 hour format (HH:mm am/pm).


Remembering what you did last week/month/year in a matter of seconds. Just in case, you need to see what you did at the end of the day, there is Daily report button exactly where you need it. Right above your tasks.

Money back guarantee

TimeLogger not living up to your expectations? Tell us. We will return your money. No questions asked.


Personal Business
3 month trial period
Unlimited logged tasks
Daily, weekly and monthly reports
Task management
Subscription overview and extension
Bundling tasks into projects
Team management & reporting
User management

€ 25


(regular price € 50)

Get started

€ 100


(regular price € 500)

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Author - Vladimir Kocjancic

Hi. I am Vladimir Kocjancic. A software developer with nearly 20 years of experience in software development. In my career, I have worked on automation of a small brewery, bandwidth monitoring application, financial applications and created about 5 different CMS engines and one shopping cart engine.

I am also a father, a brewer and a software development enthusiast. I spend every free moment either learning about being better software developer or coding.

I am creating this application due to one need I had at every gig. The need to stop wasting paper and count the hours used for tasks mutliple times per day and leave all hard work to a computer. I hope you find it as useful and easy to use as I do.

You can follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and my blog Lotushints